The SIPF® (Whole Fresh Plant Suspensions) are produced by the SIPF® process. Patented in Europe, the SIPF® production procedure guarantees the preservation of the whole of the constituent elements such as they were originally available in the fresh plant in its natural condition. This procedure, labelled as organic by Ecocert, restores the integral biochemistry of the fresh plant without filtration, heating or drying and above all with no degradation of the enzymes. The preservation of the integral fresh plant suspensions in an alcohol of only 30% improves the effectiveness and the rapidity of the action in relation to other galenics. For example, the artichoke is a fragile plant whose active ingredients degrade very quickly. Blocking immediately after harvesting the degradation process, the SIPF® process retains its efficiency.

A Manufacturing Process that Respects the Plants

The SIPF® process is divided into 7 stages:

  • Farming: The medicinal plants are grown in Ardèche (1), an exceptional French region for the variety of its soils and the diversity of its climate, in compliance with the rules of organic agriculture. (1) With the exception of fucus (Bladder wrack) that is a seaweed.
  • Harvest and Sorting: The plants are harvested according to their optimal harvesting date, which may be different for each variety. Less than 24 hours after being picked, the fresh plants are received for processing. An initial check enables the identity of the plant and the quality of the harvest to be verified, with neither ionisation nor irradiation.
  • Cryogrinding: Plants are cooled to -25°C by liquid nitrogen in order to block all enzymatic degradation. They are then ground at -196°C to produce particles of 1 mm and then 50 to 400 microns (1 micron = 0.001 mm).
  • Blending and Maceration: The resulting powder is mixed with water and organic alcohol (30% alcohol) and left to macerate for several weeks.
  • Centrifugation: This can be done in 2 phases to separate "the deposit" from the macerated juice and refine it even further.
  • Molecular ultrapression: "The deposit" is dried by molecular ultrapression (40 bar). This technique enables the recuperation of a pure, highly concentrated juice, to be mixed with the first juice obtained during centrifugation.
  • Stabilisation of the Product and Verification: The SIPFs® thus obtained are verified (dosage of the principal active elements) and the alcohol concentration is adjusted in order to respect the production chart.

An Efficient Dosage Form

The Synergia Laboratory has chosen to develop a range of effective phytotherapy dietary supplements. For this, it acquired the manufacturing patent SIPF®. The interest of the SIPF process® (Whole Fresh Plant Suspensions) may be summed up in 3 points:

  • Mastery of the fresh plant by the cryogrinding, which restores the integral biochemistry of the fresh plant.
  • Guarantee of bioavailability with the molecular ultrapression, that retrieves all the small-sized particles (= 50 microns).
  • Optimal conservation in organic alcohol for better bioavailability of the therapeutic potential.


The SIPFs® contain some alcohol which potentiates the assets of the plant, improving its bioavailability. For information, 5 ml of SIPF® are equivalent to 0.024 grams of alcohol per liter of blood, for a 70 kg man. Not suitable for children below age 12 with a body weight less than 40 kg, former alcoholics, and for pregnant women in accordance with the recommendations of the French Institute for Prevention and Health Education.

The 16 varieties of SIPF® from the Synergia Laboratory together with the complementary products and plant mixtures are produced according to the SIPF® process. They offer you the guarantee that you are buying a phytotherapy solution that is as active and effective as in the fresh plant.