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  • Produit fabriqué en France

  • Ce produit n'a pas été testé sur des animaix et ne provient pas d'élevage intensifs d'animaux

  • Certifié 100% végan

  • Produit sans gluten

  • Certifié sans soja

  • Certifié sans OGM

  • Solution à boire

  • Produit certifié AB (Agricuture Biologoque) par Ecocert



Sommeil is a blend of two organic plants, valerian and passionflower, known for their virtues on sleep. Sommeil will help you to find calm and serene nights, without waking up and a restful sleep.

  • Liquide
  • Certifié Agriculture Biologique
  • Fabriqué en France
  • Sans souffrance animale
  • Sans OGM
  • Vegan
  • Sans soja
  • Sans gluten

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For peaceful nights!

Resulting from a synergy of 2 of our SIPFs, valerian and passion flower, Sommeil will be the natural ally of your nights. This association will help you to find the calm and serenity necessary for peaceful and restorative nights.

The components

Passion flower is a soothing plant, known for its relaxing properties. Organic SIPF Passionflower relaxes muscles and promotes a good and fast sleep.
Valerian allows for a deep and restorative sleep. By acting on sleep problems, it helps to calm tensions and thus reduce all forms of stress. Much more effective than melatonin, valerian has no side effects.

The SIPF process

Patented in Europe, the SIPF manufacturing process guarantees the preservation of all components as they were found in their native state in the fresh plant. This process, labelled AB by Ecocert, restores the biochemical integrity of the fresh plant (the totum), for optimal efficiency.

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Précautions d'utilisation
  • Oral route.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • For adults and teenagers except in case of contraindications.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • This product is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Not suitable for people under 12 years of age with a weight of less than 40 kg.
  • Not suitable for pregnant women in accordance with the recommendations for total abstinence from alcohol consumption.
  • Use of the system
  • Phase d'entretien : 10 mL par jour au moment du coucher.
  • Bien secouer le flacon afin d’homogénéiser avant de prélever la solution.
  • Présentation : flacon de 200 mL pour 10 à 20 jours, selon utilisation.

Ingredients : Organic passivelore SIPF (hydroalcoholic extract of Passiflora incamata, aerial parts), organic valerian SIPF (hydroalcoholic extract of Valeriana officinalise, roots), thickeners: xanthan gum, natural orange flavour.