Privacy Policy


This privacy policy applies to all users (visitors, prospective customers and customers) (hereinafter referred to as ‘YOU’ or ‘USERS’) of the website (hereinafter referred to as ‘WEBSITE’). This includes everybody who visits and browses on the Website. The objective of this policy is to notify you of the way your personal data may, if applicable, be collected and processed by Synergia Corporation through the Website. The respect of your privacy and personal data is our priority and that is why we are committed to respecting amended Act no. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 dubbed ‘Information and Liberties’ Act. As such, it is our responsibility to respect the following (2) essential principles:

  • You are control over your personal data. As a result, we shall only collect and process the data that you have chosen to diffuse by freely publishing on our website (notably, through the various forms you may need to fill or through your personal account when you are a customer).
  • Your data is processed transparently, confidentially and securely.



The authority responsible for processing the user data collected on the website is Société SYNERGIA (hereinafter referred to as ‘We’ or ‘Synergia), a Simplified Joint-Stock Company with capital € 1 220 000, Registered at RCS Le Puy-En-Velay, under registration n° 448 981 944, with head office at Le Poyet – 43 500 BEAUNE-SUR-ARZON. We are therefore the collectors and processers of your data for the use of the Website.


Our processing of your personal data on our Website is subject to a declaration at the National Commission for Information and Freedom (CNIL) on 19 June 2014 sanctioned by receipt number 1775619. In addition, we respect Simplified Standard No. 48 by resolution 2012-209 of 21 June 2012 to set a simplified standard for automated processing of personal data for client and prospective client management. 


For the exploitation of our Website, we may collect your personal data. Your data shall be processed to attain the objectives defined during the collection. Precisely, we only collect the data you accept to give us:

  • When you visit and browse on our Website
  • When you use the features and/or services offered on our Website
  • When you open and/or manage your account on our Website
  • When you place an order for products on the Website
  • When you apply for subscription to our newsletter
  • During reply to satisfaction questionnaires


Irrespective of the method of data collection, we are committed to informing you of the aim of the processing, the obligatory or voluntary  response, possible consequences you may face, a failure to respond, the receivers of the data, the existence and modalities for exercise of their right of access, rectification and objection to processing of your data. When necessary, as stipulated by Information and Liberties Act, it shall be our responsibility as the case may be, to seek your consent and/or enable you to object the use of your data for some purposes. The data we may collect to achieve the goals stated in article 5 of this privacy policy includes:

  • Identification data(civility, name, surname, postal address, telephone numbers, email address, date of birth, where applicable; copy of Identity card number, copy of identification documents to act as evidence of your rights of access, rectification or objection; or for legal purposes).
  • Data for management and security of your personal space (username and password).
  • Data for the follow-up of commercial relationships: customer number, order number, invoices, correspondences with our units, product return, information requests, purchase  records, records  of communication with our units, origin (name of affiliated partner and their affiliation number).
  • Connection data (IP address, connection logs).
  • Data for the organization of contests, raffles and all promotion sales activities on our Website; for instance date of participation, responses to contests and nature of packages offered.
  • Data for the selection of people to carry out loyalty, prospection, survey and product test projects.
  • Data for payment methods when an order is placed on the Website (IBAN, bank card number, date of expiry of bank card): Bank card data is deleted immediately after the transaction is completed; that is, as soon as the order has been paid. When payment is done through bank card, as stipulated by article L 133-24 of the Monetary and Finance code, this data may be stored by our bank (La Banque Populaire) to provide evidence should the transaction be contested; in intermediary archives for thirteen (13) months or fifteen months (for payment cards with differed debit) from the date of debit. In all cases, visual cryptogrammic data is not stored and the bank card number is encrypted before being deleted on expiry date.
  • Data for payment of invoices: payment modalities, reductions agreed upon, receipts, unpaid balances etc.



Your various data is collected to ensure:

  • The proper functioning and the permanent update up the Website.
  • The sending of newsletters and other information.
  • The management of your account.
  • The management of our relationship (contracts, purchase orders, deliveries, invoices, loyalty programmes, customer relationship follow-up (satisfaction surveys, after sales services etc.).
  • Organization of contests, raffles and other promotion activities.
  • The follow-up of our relationships including customer satisfaction survey.
  • The management of our prospections.
  • The management of your requests for rights of access, rectification and objection.
  • The keeping of statistics for the amelioration of the proper functioning of our website and the quality of our services.

We may also use such data for legal and/or statutory purposes. In any case, it shall be our responsibility to process all collected data in conformity with the amended 78-17 Act of 6 January 1978.


By browsing on our Website you consent that your login information should be collected to ease your browsing and you retain the possibility to withdraw your consent at any moment by deactivating some cookies used on our Website through our Cookie Management Charter. Furthermore, you fill various forms and transmit various personal data in order to benefit from all of our services. By spontaneously entering your personal data, you explicitly consent to our collection and use of your data for purposes stated to you.


Only our units, within the limits of their respective responsibility, can have access to your personal data. These include:

  • Our marketing unit
  • Our commercial unit
  • Our units in charge of customer relationship and your queries
  • Our administrative units
  • Our logistics  and information units
  • Our control units (auditors, internal controllers, etc.)
  • Our subcontractor service providers

In case of litigation, some of your data may also be communicated to representatives of the law, judicial authorities and public bodies that have the right to receive it; arbitrators and mediators. Your data shall not be traded, sold, or lent to third parties.


We are committed to preserving your data in order to enable your identification for a period not exceeding the necessary duration for the aims for which your data is collected and processed. Your personal data may not be stored as such for a period not exceeding twelve (12) months from the date of completion or cancellation of our commercial relationship; except for some data archived as stipulated by the rules and regulations in force (notably by the Trade, Civil and Consumption codes); when such storage is important to establish evidence of a right or contract, or for respect of a legal obligation.
Exceptionally, your data may be stored for three years from the complete closure of your personal space, their collection or the last signal from you. After this deadline, we may contact you to know if you wish to continue receiving commercial adverts from us. In the absence of any positive feedback from you, your data shall be deleted or archived as stipulated by the rules and regulations in force, notably those stipulated by the Trade, Civil and Consumption Codes.


You are reminded that as stipulated by Act no. 78-17 referred to as « Information and Liberties » of 6 January 1978 amended by the 6 August 2004 Act; you have the right of access, rectification, update, blockage or deletion of your personal information; when it is inexact, incomplete, ambiguous, expired; or should not be collected, processed or conserved.
For legitimate reasons, you may also object to our processing of your personal data. You may exercise these rights by simply sending an email to the dedicated address [email protected] or paper mail to the address: SYNERGIA, LE POYET – 43500 BEAUNE-SUR-ARZON in which you justify your identity and give a legal motive if that is stipulated by the law. In case you forward a copy of an identification paper to justify your identity, we shall retain it for one (1) year or three (3) years when such forwarding is done in exercise of the right to object.


On our Website, we use connection data (date, hour, internet address, computer protocols of the visitors, visited pages) and cookies (small files saved in your computer) to enable your identification, memorization of your visited pages and measurement and collection of audience statistics on our Website; notably, concerning visited pages. By using our Website, you agree to the installation of technical, functional, audience measurement and advertising cookies (tracking cookies). Nonetheless, you have the right to deactivate all or some of these cookies via our Cookie Management Charter which you should consult for more information.


We respect the Information and Liberties Act on the security and privacy of your data. As such, we take necessary precautions concerning the nature of your data and the risk brought about my our processing; to maintain the security of your data and notably, ensure that it is neither deformed nor damaged, or accessed by unauthorized third parties (physical protection of our premises, authentication of our clients with personal or secured access through confidential usernames, logging of connections, encrypting of some data etc.).  
Among all these measures, we use SYSTEMPAY (BANQUE POPULAIRE) PCI-DSS V1.2 compliant payment solution which codifies your data to ensure a 100% secured payment. This payment solution has a 3-D Secure Agreement, a secure protocol for internet payment developed by Visa and MasterCard to limit risks of internet fraud; notably, through usurpation of identity. It consists of ensuring during online payments that you are really the person using your bank card on our Website.