Nutritional approach

Our nutritional approach

Fatigue, muscle aches, night awakenings.... We have all experienced genes that affect the quality of our lives. It is not reasonable to take a medication systematically to relieve these disorders, which are not always immediately classified as a disease. What is complex is to find the causes. For example, if you have eczema, the solution of prescribing a cortisone cream relieves you quickly but does not address the source of the problem, which can have different origins.

Support for nutritherapy

Nutritherapy has developed what is called the first-line approach. The first step is to eliminate certain deficiencies in essential vitamins or minerals, and to ensure that the body's main systems are functioning properly.

The two axes on which Synergia is working are magnesium deficiencies and the consequences of a deficient digestive sphere. For example, insufficient magnesium intake is known to be associated with many disorders. Similarly, an intestine that no longer properly fulfils its role as an immune gendarme or fails to manage the consequences of imperfect digestion, promotes the development of many symptoms. By tackling the causes, nutritherapy makes it possible to eliminate many of the problems that poison our daily lives. It is often more effective to be part of this process, rather than trying to solve a problem with a drug solution.

Examples of magnesium deficiency disorders

Osteoarticular, muscular or tendon pain, intense fatigue, migraines, tendonitis, sleep disorders, tinnitus, anxiety, nervousness, fever, neck pain, torticollis, low back pain, constipation, cramps & blinking eyelids, fibromyalgia, tingling, tremors, hyperemotility, hiccups, creaking teeth, tics, non-organic infertility in women, palpitations, hair loss and bleaching, water retention, spasms, acute or chronic stress.

Examples of disorders related to a deficient digestive sphere

Acne, mouth ulcers, bloating, constipation, digestive or vaginal candidiasis, diarrhea, spasms, colitis, difficult digestion, unusual intolerance to alcohol or coffee, bad breath, nausea, obesity, abnormal sensitivity to perfumes or odours, irritable bowel syndrome, behavioural disorders, mood disorders, circulatory disorders, osteoarticular, muscle or tendon pain, intense fatigue, migraines, tendinitis, sleep disorders.