Our commitments

We have made a number of commitments to ensure the highest possible quality and satisfaction for the consumer. To this end, the formulation and manufacture of our food supplements comply with strict quality rules, while incorporating the principles of nutritherapy. The choice of raw materials is also fundamental. Thus, we have implemented the AB label on all our phytotherapy range which is manufactured with fresh plants from French organic farming.

Efficiency through synergy

The formulation of our food supplements is based on a combination of micronutrients whose effectiveness is optimized by the complementarity of its components. For example, natural vitamin E and vitamin C, or flavonoids between them.

Respect for biocompatibilities

The formulation of our food supplements avoids harmful combinations of nutrients that are incompatible with each other in a tablet or capsule. For example: vitamin C and iron, vitamin C and copper, iron, copper and manganese which, combined in the same food supplement, are pro-oxidants and generate free radicals.

Respect for bioavailability

Bioavailability is the body's ability to absorb a micronutrient. This bioavailability can be optimized by choosing micronutrients (such as natural vitamin E, which is 8x better used by the body than synthetic vitamin E) or by choosing a carrier or catalyst, which improves the absorption of a nutrient by the body (such as magnesium glycerophosphate, which will be better absorbed than magnesium carbonate).

Nutritional dosages

Taking our food supplements alone or in combination has no side effects and does not cause metabolic disorders, even with prolonged use.

High quality raw materials

  • Capsules of marine origin, no gluten.
  • No milk protein, no GMOs.
  • Fish oils concentrated in EPA and DHA, free of heavy metals, of EPAX standard quality.
  • Vegetable oils (evening primrose and flax) of a maximum quality level, without oxidation or pesticides, of SILVER standard quality.

A scientific committee

Most of our food supplements are formulated by a scientific committee made up of doctors specialized in nutritherapy, who rely on published and validated scientific studies. Indeed, knowledge in nutritherapy and phytotherapy, the results of new clinical studies complete the available data every day. Such a system makes it possible to offer innovative products, placing quality and efficiency at the heart of our approach.