Flex-Tonic, for Joint Comfort

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Issued in September 2011, Flex-Tonic® is a dietary supplement designed for joint comfort. It targets people with persistent joint pain. Feedback indicates that 70% of users are satisfied after three months of use. Taking Flex-Tonic® continuously provides long-lasting results. It is for this purpose that we have created a new packaging in boxes of 45 tablets, which lets you test the effectiveness of Flex-Tonic®at an attractive price.

Flex-Tonic®, the Formula 

Flex-Tonic® is an exclusive synergy of patented non-denatured type II collagen, Vitamin C and Silica, helping to rebuild cartilage.

1. Patented type II non-denatured collagen

This collagen is a patented, biologically-active nutraceutical. This type II collagen molecule is in the form of a triple helix, integrating food antigens on its surface. This small antigen dose taken daily initiates oral tolerance preventing any joint damage. By this action on the immune system, non-denatured Type II collagen® participates in stopping cartilage erosion, initiating tissue repair and improving joint mobility and flexibility.

2. Vitamin C

Vitamin C enhances the normal formation of collagen, substances that are part of the composition of cartilage, as well as bones and skin.

3. Silica

Silica plays a role in connective tissue, which is the most widespread tissue in the body. Chondroblasts and chondrocytes are found in the cartilage.

How to Use Flex-Tonic®

1 single tablet per day with a glass of water, preferably taken before meals, or possibly after breakfast. Continuous administration is recommended. Flex-Tonic's action is also improved when the intestinal flora is healthy. So we recommend that you take regularly probiotics (Maxi-Flore, Maxi-Flore Orodispersible).

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