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You may have noticed it! A new magnesium supplement had recently been launched in our dietary supplement range. We are proud to present Mag®Boost, No. 1 liposomal Magnesium on the market, to better meet your needs ! For the comfort of all Mag® Boost is available in tablets or in orodispersible sachets.

An active formulation

Mag® Boost contains magnesium, vitamins B (B5 and B6) that optimize the efficiency of the magnesium, vitamin D, to improve the intestinal absorption and which effectiveness is correlated with sufficient magnesium rates, Taurine, which plays a role in setting magnesium in the body.

Innovation! No. 1 liposomal magnesium

The magnesium contained in Mag®Boost is encapsulated in a liposome, a lipid structure naturally absorbed by the intestine. This liposomal magnesium is thus better and more rapidly absorbed by the body, where it is most needed, eliminating any risk of side effects on intestinal passage (intestinal spasms, diarrhea).

Interactions between magnesium et vitamin D

The choice of adding vitamin D to Mag®Boost’s formulation, specifically positioned on the intake of magnesium, had been properly thought out. Indeed, there is a real interest in associating Vitamin D and magnesium, so as to benefit from a real synergy of action (1) :

  • Vitamin D increases intestinal absorption of magnesium.
  • Lack of Magnesium intake affects vitamin D levels.
  • Vitamin D is magnesium-dependent. The value of vitamin D is correlated with sufficient levels of magnesium.


For what purpose ?

Physical or mental fatigue, lack of energy, nervousness, stressful situations, muscle fatigue. Also efficient to strengthen the immune system.


1 sachet ou 1 tablet of Mag® Boost contains 100 mg of Magnesium element (30% RDA), 100 mg of Taurine, 2 mg of Vitamin B5 (33% RDA), 0.60 mg Vitamin B6 (48% RDA) and 3 mcg Vitamin D3 (60% RDA).


„Observe a phase of attack that can help address magnesium and vitamin D deficiencies: take 1 Mag® Boost tablet/sachet three times daily, morning, afternoon and evening, for a minimum of 10 days or more depending on your needs. Then adopt a maintenance approach and take each day one Mag® Boost tablet/sachet in the morning, modulating it according to the situation (busy day, stress, sport session, etc.).

What is the difference between our three magnesium dietary supplements ?

D-Stress®, D-Stress® Booster and recently Mag® Boost, the Synergia Laboratory offers no less than 3 dietary supplements rich in magnesium. Which one to choose? And for what use?

  • D-Stress® Booster : 1 sachet of D-Stress® Booster provide 200 mg of magnesium. D-Stress® Booster also contains Taurine, Arginine and Vitamins B. Unit Price: €16 for one box of 20 sachets i.e. 0.80€ per day (for 1 sachet per day). D-Stress® Booster is recommended in case of Stress, Fatigue, and Lack of Energy. Dosage Form: sachets containing a powder to be diluted. Discounted rates for customers of 3 boxes purchased + 1 free.
  • Mag® Boost : 1 sachet ou 1 tablet of Mag® Boost provides 100 mg of magnesium. Mag® Boost also contains Taurine, Vitamins B and Vitamin D. Unit Price: €13 for one box of 20 orodispersible sachets i.e. 0.65€ per day (for 1 sachet per day) and €16 for one box of 60 tablets i.e. 0.25€ per day (for 1 tablet per day). Discounted rates for customers of 3 boxes purchased + 1 free. Mag® Boost is recommended in case of Physical or mental fatigue, nervousness, muscle fatigue. Mag® Boost  is available in orodispersible sachets to take without water or in tablets.


(1) Kelishadi R, Ataei E, Ardalan G, et al. Relationship of Serum Magnesium and Vitamin D Levels in a Nationally-Representative Sample of Iranian Adolescents: The CASPIAN-III Study. International Journal of Preventive Medicine. 2014;5(1):99-103.

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