D-Stress Booster New Peach Flavor

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One year after launch, D-Stress® Booster improves its formula to better please the most delicate palate. Designed to make life easier for big consumers of D-Stress® but also better suit to the many people experiencing difficulties swallowing tablets of average size, D-Stress® Booster had from the start as imperative to be easy to use.

The contract was filled, as it is available in the form of sachets containing a powder to be diluted. The success of D-Stress® Booster was quick, so much with pharmacists, as with historical users of D-Stress®. D-Stress® Booster has made its way beside D-Stress® on the market of anti-stress food supplements. Indeed, D-Stress® and D-Stress® Booster are formulated on the same basis. Only the dosage form (powder) required some adjustments of composition.

Always attentive to its loyal customers, the Laboratory Synergia has just slightly modified the composition of D-Stress® Booster, giving it a peach sweet flavor. The active nutrients are the same: 200 mg of elemental magnesium, taurine, arginine, B vitamins (PP, B5, B1, B2, B6, B8, B9).

How to Use D-Stress® Booster

In case of fatigue or stress, the objective is to balance your intake of anti-stress nutrients. We suggest taking 1 sachet of D-Stress® Booster per day and adjusting, if required, with conventional tablets of D-Stress®. In addition, it is important to eat foods rich in magnesium in order to maximize magnesium intakes. Tip: You can dilute the sachet of D-Stress®v Booster in a small bottle of water and drink it in the morning on your way to work, for example (to be drunk an hour after dilution).

At the end of the first box of D-Stress® Booster, we recommend to modulate the intake of D-Stress® Booster by taking for example 1 sachet of D-Stress® Booster every second day and adjusting, when necessary, with D-Stress® tablets. Reminder: a single sachet of D-Stress® Booster is equivalent to about 6 tablets of D-Stress®. Each one will find its own dosage (in accordance with the dosage recommendations, see instructions). Indeed, the required amounts of magnesium vary depending on weight, physical activity, level of stress and diet (high or low in magnesium).

In an article published on his blog « la nutrithérapie.fr » (1), doctor Jean-Paul Curtay, nutritherapist, has evaluated the conventional magnesium requirements at about 6 mg per kilogram per day. He also indicated that this was only a minima since in case of stress, there is necessarily overconsumption of Magnesium and hence increased needs.

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